Whois Privacy Protection with Gazelle Hosting

As per ICANN regulations, a person’s WHOIS info is required to be available to the public as well as absolutely accurate. This means you’ll have to list your individual or company info on the Internet and re–confirm that it is readily available for everybody to check out. Using the WHOIS Privacy Protection service supplied by Gazelle Hosting, you can obscure all your info using our info instead.
A great advantage is the fact that all the domain–related emails (transfer requests, EPP codes, and so on) can nonetheless pass, while undesirable email messages shall be filtered out.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

Considering the fact that a number of registrars have as of now fixed Whois Privacy Protection restrictions on their own TLDs, we simply cannot provide a Whois Privacy Protection service for all of the domain names we currently have. Having said that, the number of domain names which are eligible for Whois Privacy Protection is consistently rising and it currently contains the most popular domain names extensions.
Pay a visit to our TLD info page to see which from the featured domain extensions support Whois Privacy Protection.

SSL Certificates

Grab SSL certificates completely from your CP

Through the Domain Manager, you will also be able to purchase an SSL certificate for your domain name. With an SSL certificate, all the sensitive data that your clients send via your web site (via the order form, through a login form, and so on) will be enciphered and the submitted data will never be jeopardized.

To enable an SSL certificate for your domain, just fill in the necessary information and press the Activate button. You can request an ordinary SSL certificate, which will be enabled for just one host, or a wildcard SSL certificate, which will be valid for all the hosts under your domain name.

SSL Certificates

Domain Name Redirection

Domain name redirection designed hassle–free

The domain redirection tool that’s incorporated into our web hosting Control Panel permits you to point a domain or a sub–domain in your account to a different website of your choice. Simply select the host you want to redirect along with the destination path itself. Our system will take care of the forwarding procedure and your domain will begin to point to the desired location straight away.

The tool features an easy–to–use interface, so you can redirect a specific domain or subdomain with merely a few clicks instead of making intricate modifications to the .htaccess file.

Domain Name Redirection

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